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If all your favorite games where combined into one (which ones would you mix?)

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created 10/27/2017 6:18 pm by sassy1356
last reply 10/28/2017 4:01 pm
I can't be the only one that has imagined what it would be like if I could combine all my favorite games into one game. I have always have had a thing for playing simulator games (the ones done correctly at least) such as: American Truck simulator, Farming Simulator 2017, and Train Simulator as well as a few others. But i do like my fast paced open world games like GTA, and Just Cause 3.
I have constantly imagined a game with a massive open world, where you could do what ever you so please, Build/Destroy things in a in depth simulation style or a simple easy style option if you have no time for that , Explore, Be able to modify manipulate every single object in the map including the map itself, whether your being a lumberjack and cutting down trees, building a house, excavating and manipulating land, or just simply Blowing things up for fun. If you got bored plowing the fields down on the farm, and needed something fun to do, you could take off in a Wingsuit "just cause 3 style" wreaking havoc apon the virtual world and playing it like its GTA

After my long Story, which games would you Combines/mix? and what would it be like?
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3 replies

10/28/2017 3:59 pm
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Minecraft, Garrysmod, TF2, Goat Simulator, Stonehearth, and SFH2.
10/28/2017 4:01 pm
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It would be the ultimate shooter, with Goat Simulator thrown in cus of the Space DLC and RPG DLC and also would make a fun singleplayer physics engine
10/28/2017 2:46 am
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It would be wierd.
Minecraft, Skyrim, Doom and Dead Space.

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