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Im So Sorry :(

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created 04/23/2019 5:22 pm by Freezetic
last reply 04/24/2019 7:29 pm
:( Unfortunately My Minecraft account which i used my whole time i had mc and saved every up every penny i could get my hands on to buy has been stolen. ive tried to get it back with mojang support but i havnt been able to :(

im really sad cause my family doesnt have the money to get me a new one since we have quite little and need to save for more important things. this means i will not be here at pmc anymore or playing mc anymore :(

sorry for anyone who i been helping build i wont be able to anymore :(

bye everyone i think you and all you minecrafters are amazing and so so so so kind
i wish everyone goodluck for the future ill miss you all so much mc was one of the greatest things in my life
good luck for all ur future projects and everything
thankyou for ur help and support
and once again sorry for people who ive been helping build as i cant help anymore :(

:( bye i might come on everynow and then to see the new projects
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2 replies

04/24/2019 4:59 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
How can minecraft get stolen? What happened.
04/24/2019 7:29 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
Trusting people with sharing an account... it happens more often than you think. There's also the possibility of bruteforce. Millions of people have passwords that consist of words and things such as

- birthdate
- petnames
- standard family names
- birthyear
- many X's

these passwords can be cracked in the matter of minutes.

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