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Let's Play series on our server

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created 12/27/2012 12:23 pm by ElementalKenny
Please Read: We understand that we're not supposed to post in this section, but we actually are - please read all of this if you want to know why, thank you.
Hey there, IP:
Here at KengluCraft we try to make the server fun for
everyone, for people who like pvp to people who enjoy
creative mode.

We have a daily puzzle area where you can win awesome
prizes for completing things such as jumping puzzles
or races. We also have daily drop parties or we have
drop parties whenever you guys want one!

We are mainly a PvP Faction Server, however we will
be bringing on a Multiverse plugin for those people
who like Creative or Hunger games.

Our plugins are: McMMO, Essentials and Factions. We
are currently looking for someone who will make us
a Permissions Ex or a Group Manager file, however
we will not let anyone have access to the console
for doing this for security issues.

The servers not cracked at this moment in time but
we might think about it in the near future. Thanks
for reading and we hope you enjoy your stay at

We are making a Let's Play Series on our Server very soon!
Stay Tuned. Come onto our server and check out our channel:

Server IP:
- Zeptars (Owner)
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