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Looking for an old game

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created 03/17/2019 9:48 pm by Mohawk3
I'm looking for a really old game. Only the name, and I'd be very happy, even if it doesn't exist anymore. It was this game where there would be two teams, humans and monsters. There was only one map, which was a hotel (I think). the monsters team would have to kill all the humans to win, and the humans would need to go into a nether portal and break glowstone to make a bossbar go down until it reached 0 and they won. The monsters could close the nether portal by throwing a nether star through it, and the portal would close in a few seconds, and if anyone in there did not leave before that time they would die. Later this was changed to make it so the humans would need to kill enough monsters to win, but I forgot how they would do so. The only monster I remember was the enderman that would get damaged by water and could kill players by making them look at him.

This game came out a long time ago, probably after 1.7 (2014), and if you could remember the name that would make me so happy because I've been looking for it for so long.
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