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Looking for Streamers/ Youtubers for a SMP server

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created 06/27/2019 11:52 pm by M3ch_Network
last reply 07/19/2019 10:21 pm
Hello fellow streamers, my name is m3chless! I currently opened up a SMP server for my viewers. The server is open for everyone to play 24/7 We are currently looking for twitch streamers to join. If you want to stream the server and invite your viewers you can! You will get a twitch rank IF you have 100 followers. If you do stream the server we ask you give the ip to your viewers. The server was created for everyone. So If your interested into our SMP server here is the ip. We cant wait to see you on there! If you want twitch rank you can dm me on discord. :)
[1.8-1.11] [Server IP]
Welcome to M3ch Network ! Not your average/typical SMP game.
We offer exciting and fun features for you and your friends timelessly!

Custom Enchantments
Over 70 Enchantments, multiple tiers and they do all different things!

Land Claiming
Gain more land the more you play! Your builds are protected from everything forever!

Daily Rewards
Be rewarded for coming back every day!

Work your power level to the top! First place winner every month get a special role!

Experience low latency! Monthly events!
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1 reply

07/19/2019 10:21 pm
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Was gonna check it out, but it requires mods?

Planet Minecraft



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