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LuneBox Skyblock Server - Builders and Trainees Needed

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created 03/04/2019 2:05 pm by TentorIV

LuneBox Skyblock
To moderators, if this is not the suitable area to post this thread, I apologise and would apprieciate if you moved it.

"LuneBox is a Minecraft 1.13.2 Skyblock server. To ensure you have no chance of becoming bored whilst on our server, we have included difficult-orientated islands of your choice which are custom built. We also have fun chat games, lotteries, vote rewards, crates, giveaways, very interactive and customisable chat and much more to mention!" - LuneBox Website

Currently, we are in dire need of Trainees and Builders to help progress the development of our server. Trainees will begin from the rank Trainee until they can prove their worthiness and dedication towards the server. Then, you are in the run for promotions - but remember, the promotion is only going to permit you with more responsibilities such as consequences for players, intervening in arguments and professionally defusing them, preferrably without stirring it even more and other moderation circumstances. Don't get me wrong, there will always be the fun side, too!

Trust is a key feature of our server as the 3 Founders (myself being one of them) have known and trusted eachother for years and we wish to be able to develop as strong of a trust with our staff team, also.

If you wish to apply for Trainee, click this image below and it will send you to the Google document:

To the potential Builder Team,
Your contributions to the server mean more to us than you realise! It allows us to get our heads deep into the configuration properties and ensuring future members are completely intrigued in our server. Without you, the development process is drastically halted while we have to alternate constantly between jobs. This is literally the only progress I have made on spawn!

It would be great if we could expand upon this current build!

If you wish to apply for Builder, click this image below and it will send you to the Google document:

If anybody has any questions, I don't bite. Just reply to this thread, send me a private message or follow any of the links below. Cheers!

Website: Adding finishing touches, will change this soon!
Discord Server:
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