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(+Paril) 2015 Quake 2 Mapping Contest

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created 01/31/2015 5:49 am by Mikemc
Since I still am unable to send messages to people (tried different browsers + updated them), I will create a new thread on the forum. This is the General section so ought to be alright. If it does however go against advertising rules, I ask that you please designate Paril to enforce them .

Dear Quakers!

Q2 Cafe is proud to announce the 10th Mapping Contest that will be hosted at This is the big 10 so we're planning something memorable. The last one was held back in December of 2011, making this one extra special given all the great ideas that have been saved up over the years!

There's no pressure to construct superb works of art, unless of course you want to, and we're also pretty flexible with the dates to accommodate new mappers and beginners alike. The past events were all smash hits that rewarded the Quake 2 community with awesome new maps, and we don't see that changing this time. We're looking for new talent as well as returning Pros, either way all sorts of contributions are welcome. Most importantly this contest is about the fun experience and group activity that will enrich and expand our playing field. We would hate for any capable mappers to miss out on this exciting event that will surely stimulate everyone's imagination for years to come!

There's already a number of old school mappers who are psyched to have this contest to showcase their latest work and mapping skills in a venue like the good old days. They know how much this kind of group fun can help inspire creativity. So I'm sure there's a lot more people out there who just need a little nudge and some motivate to unlock the mapper in them. Many have great map ideas they have been holding onto for many years, and some of them are now just itching to be realized. Imagine what you can make given all the great editors available today! Now's the time to do it and let your talent shine. All entries are welcome, big or small, they will all help make this Mapping Contest a success.

So please stop by Q2 Cafe, leave a comment and cast a vote. There you'll also find out about the latest developments in the world of quake 2 level design and more:


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