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C_Corp2002 started 07/29/2019 6:23 pm
and replied 07/30/2019 3:54 pm
Hello my dudes, i am looking for some constructive criticism of my Server's Website.
Its Riiiiight here:

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07/29/2019 9:15 pm
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Overall it looks good, but a few things could be improved.

1. The slideshow of pictures has very low-res images, and they look bad when scaled up. I am not sure what they are pictures of either. You should change the slideshow to include screenshots of what your server looks like. You might also want to change the transition speed so people have a longer time to look at the pictures. A smooth transition between the pictures would also look good.

2. Your site needs more screenshots. People will be more interested to join if they have an idea of what it's like to play on your server. You could put these in the slideshow I mentioned above, and/or you could also add a picture beneath the description of each game mode.

3. The header should not follow when the user scrolls down. It should move up with the rest of the page when the user scrolls down. Having it always visible makes the site feel a bit claustrophobic, since it covers a large portion of the top of the screen.

4. The diamond in the header is blurry because it has been scaled up above the image's actual resolution. To fix this, either get a higher resolution image, or display the image at a smaller size. Perhaps you could replace it with your custom server logo if/when you get one.

5. The "Copy IP" button could use some more contrast between the button's background and its text.

6. The "Welcome to Colossal Combat" text would look nicer in a different font since it is the title.
07/30/2019 3:54 pmhistory
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thanks for the ideas! I just implemented a better background!
PS: Ill be adding more screenshots
07/29/2019 9:13 pm
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Good site!

(I voted error 404 tho... XD)
07/29/2019 6:51 pm
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Impressive has a small spelling error
07/29/2019 7:24 pm
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thanks, and I know of the spelling error, the IP is stuck as that, but what ever. Its a free DNS.
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