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RolePlay does and don'ts?

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created 03/11/2018 3:36 pm by M_ethyst
last reply 03/12/2018 9:52 am
I've been thinking about creating a Minecraft role-play for a while now, I love directing, voice acting, writing, etc. However my main concerns are that I'm not to familiar with MCPC and recording/editing so I would need to figure that out. Regardless I love Minecraft role-plays and I think its a great story telling platform.

However I'm also curious about what people look for in new role-plays?
I noticed allot of people will get over a hundred thousand views on their first episode but the next episodes have a significant decrease.
I know I've seen allot of MCRP's myself, mainly from more popular youtubers like Aphmau, SkydoesMinecraft, FearRaiser, Sam and Taurus, etc. As well as PinkDiamondDiva and Mistylyne, however I only watched them for a short while. I've also worked with people like Silamaney, if anyones heard of her role-play, Arcana: High school days.
But I want some other opinions!

So if you see a new Minecraft role-play what are some things that make or break it for you?
Do you prefer cinema version or first person?
What kind of plot draws you in?
Would you watch something for comedy value or does it need to have enough plot to lure you in as well?

Anything that you think is important.

Thank you for your replies in advance^^
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03/12/2018 9:52 am
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Disclaimer - I am a forum based text roleplayer, which means the subjects here are out of my scope and really not all that interesting. But, I'll give it a try.

- What you're describing is more or less a movie of sorts. Thus, some of my standards would be based on movies; cohesive editing, cohesive plot, cohesive and plausible characters, and finally, something that isn't identical to everything else one can view.
- You need to decide what kind of plot would be most fun to make, as almost any can be good if you set your mind to it. But that's the trick - set your mind to it and stick with it.
- Also up to you to set the tone. Others can comment on what tone they want, but if they want a lighter tone, building comedy in is good.
- Comedy is a form of cheap entertainment in my book. If you don't want to go all out on making a good story, you'd best have some solid comedy racked up to keep folks going.
- Storyboard. Tell it in segments, leave a cliffhanger that gives a legitimate reason to go on. Also start the video off in a way that people will actually keep watching, something that will immediately grab their eyes. Your job at that point is keeping the momentum.

All topics I find rather difficult to explain, but all components that actual movie makers use. Integrating some of that into a video could help you start up a base, although I will not claim that this is easy.

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