Shopping...? [ConVid19]

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Vih started 3/21/20 6:41 pm
and replied 5/31/2020 10:08 am
*It is March 21st. A normal Saturday. Or is it?
*You sigh. Today you were heading out to the store. Of course... There is one small problem.
*People panic-buy everything off the shelves in the fears of not being able to get any items later on.
*Why do they do that? Self isolation is an answer.
*Why self isolate? Now the answer is ConVid19.
*Of course, all those other people panic and leave everyone else with nothing.
*But you, you were different. You headed out whenever you wanted to. No pressure. no nothing. Not a mask on your face or hand sanitizer in your pocket. Only you and yourself.
*Why did you not wear a mask? Any normal person would! Well... they may be normal... but not too witted. Here is why. You knew that medical care staff needed the msaks more. They deal with deadlier diseases. But people buy the masks out and there are shortages in the hospital. Another factor is... well, the spreading of the virus. It doesn't spread through the air because... well... It's a virus. It needs to sit on a surface such as... metal or plastic. So. Why don't you use hand sanitizer? Simple! You can wash your hands at home. With hot soapy water. The hand sanitizer will only weaken the virus, but it won't completely kill it. So you don't use it.
*You just got dressed and decided to start heading out. The streets were relatively empty because of the mass panic and all the self isolation.
*You walked around for some time. Physical exercise still applies, only physical contact with other people doesn't.
*The supermarket presented itself. Workers were inside, serving occasional customers. Mostly adults, wearing masks and hoarding the newly brought in toilet paper; at least three twelve-packs each person. Cans of soup, vegetables and other foods were on the counters along with pasta and rice and whatever else is left.
*You gave a long sigh and walked inside. All eyes landed on you. Probably the lack of mask. You carried on.
*Scanning the shelves, you managed to pick out some dairy products like milk and eggs. Then, whatever bread loaves were left. What was a surprise was the fact that many fresh fruits and vegetables were left. You picked them out. People avoided them like they did with the disease. Do they not know how to wash vegetables? And cook them? After all, high temperatures kill the virus.
*After a few minutes, you came up to the counter. A lady smiled your way.
*"Good to see not all of us are crazy." She chuckled. You nodded your head and smiled back.
"When you paid for your things, she gave you a little thank you accompanied by a wave. You began to head home.
*A few people were around ever now and then, mostly walking their dogs but some were jogging to keep fit.
*Just another normal day, huh?

(Wrote this purely to give a bit of info about the corona virus and situation although we all probably know it.)
(Also, I've been inactive for six months now, such a record to beat! *sweat drops* But really, sorry!)
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03/21/2020 9:01 pm
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Ye for some reason Humanity is being dumb and trying to hoard/steal everything. Theres literally was literally propaganda from WW1 and WW2 to dissuade people from buying everything, and Humanity hasn't learned
05/31/2020 10:08 am
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Yeah. It's really sad to see so many people were panicking and never once thought to keep calm and under control.
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