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The thing wrong with BuildBattle/MasterBuilders voting...

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created 06/26/2015 9:56 pm by HudsonGamingYT
Too be honest! We all know who the winning build is! YOURS!! Wait no, your got all super poop/eyes are bleeding... But you think yours is the best? Heres the thing about this gamemode!

So when people vote, they don't vote on effort, how hard they try, not even how it looks..., people vote to how if they there's is better!

There could be the most beautiful.. pixel art or architectural build, but even if they think its good they will give a super poop or my eyes are bleeding vote so the person gets downvoted giving them a less chance of winning... So if you see a build like that think! Do i like it? Does it give nightmares? Not "OH MINE IS BETTER! VOTE LEGENDARY/EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! OR I WILL GIVE YOU SUP3R P00P!!'

See the difference? So vote fairly and have fun!
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