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I am thinking about making a game. Any critiques, suggestiosn, or ideas?

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created 09/21/2018 3:51 pm by Ezacu
So I in no way have made a game before but after having an idea and pondering it, I was wondering what critiques, problems, and or suggestions people would have in the making of this game.

Over the next month or so, Ill be juggling school and learning how to code in a basic language to make a simple 2D game that I guess for now will be called PATHS.

Pretty much the idea would be that its a choose your path type game in which right at the beginning there will be a choice, start the game or quit the game. It will be a game in which I am thinking you either have to type yes or no or click yes or no,

I haven't decided yet. I was also hoping to add different types of responses and maybe even puzzles that players have to solve (I got this idea because I've been playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes a lot lately).

I was thinking the game's aesthetic will always be a black bar at the bottom that will be narrative and choices and the actual game above it.

The game art will most likely be pixels just because I think that it would be the easiest to draw in.

This might seem childish and all but this is just an idea that I have been having and I thought it would be good to have some critiques and suggestions.
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