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I feel like a complete moron, I just worked on a writing assignment about Calcium for Science, and I decided to spend a few minutes added a hidden code into the message.

I ended making most starting letters of the first word spell out HERP DERP and at the bottom, wrote out "derp"



Hey, our project was done on the element, Calcium. This element was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davey in 1808. What he did to create this element was dissolve a lime into a mercuric solution and from that result, was able to send an electric charge through it, changing its chemical properties. With this mixture, he created Calcium. Over the years, Calcium has known to strengthen bones and teeth, along with being a neurotransmitter release and a way of releasing muscle contraptions that may occur in the body. Unfortunately, with these benefits, Calcium is not able to occur in nature.

Evidently, physical properties include a boiling point of 1484°c and a melting point of 842°c. It is a silver-white powder, and at room temperature, turns into a solid. Compounds of this element include:

Calcium Chloride: a type of salt
Calcium Carbonate: a dietary supplement
Calcium Sulfate: a tofu coagnant

Relevant, these are very important compounds in everyday life style.

Probable isotopes of this element include 38Ca, 22Ca, and 47Ca.

Daily everyday items that have pure Calcium or compounds in them include: milk, toothpaste, diet pills, paints, cement, wax crayons, glass, pool disinfectant, and plastics.

Ever since discovered, Calcium has a low toxicity, which makes it a perfect candidate for dietary plans. The lethal dose of Calcium or some of its compounds is an average 6.45 kg before any effect will occur. The only compound of Calcium that is lethal more easily is Calcium metal because of the combination of chemicals.

Respectfully, the word Calcium is taken from the Latin word, “calx” which means lime, which caters to the dissolving lime discovery. It is used to make, deoxizidize, produce and reduce.

Presenting this 3D mode, we originally created a single Calcium atom, with 20 protons, 20 neutrons, and the electrons arranging on the outside in the order of 2, 8, 8, 2.



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No... No life is worth giving up this level of awesomeness.




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