True or False of LittleDino2022: Part 1 of 100 subscribers special

LittleDino20227/7/22 5:25 am
7/8/2022 7:14 pm
When I passed 100 subscribers, I wanted to do something for it. But around that time, I was extremely busy and couldn’t do anything on Planet Minecraft. Since I’ve reached the amount of 104, I’ve decided that I’m going to do that, in two parts.

PART 1 IS: True or False (about me)

Answer as many questions as you’d like in the comments. I’m not using private questions since A) I don’t want to reveal my gender, name and age. B) Anyone can answer these questions knowing absolutely nothing about me. (But if you do know the answers, don’t go telling everyone else. I want to see how well you guys know me.)
1. I have brown hair.
2. I do not play Fortnite.
3. I hate mayonnaise.
4. I prefer dogs to cats.
5. I play Pokémon Go.
6. I’m neutral to tea but I hate coffee.
7. My favourite dessert is a banana split.
8. I’ve beaten Minecraft 5 times before.
9. I found Planet Minecraft on December 9th last year.
10. My favourite type of pizza is Hawaiian.

If you got all the questions correct, then I’m very impressed. I’ve not really revealed any of these things before.

Poll ended 07/21/2022 5:25 am.

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07/08/2022 7:14 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Loremaster
LittleDino2022 avatar
Ya’ll… I don’t understand? What do you need to know? About PART 2? Oh, I see. It’s coming right now lol.
07/07/2022 11:17 am
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MewTwee avatar
Tbh im to lazy to figure this out lol
07/07/2022 6:23 am
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Alright I'll do 7-10. Here are my guesses:

7. My favourite dessert is a banana split - True (because everyone loves a good banana split)

8. I’ve beaten Minecraft 5 times before - True

9. I found Planet Minecraft on December 9th last year - False (I feel like this is a trick question since everyone can see the date as to when you've made your account. So, I believe you found PMC earlier than that, just that you didn't make an account at that point of time)

10. My favourite type of pizza is Hawaiian - True
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