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Vote on my Forever Shading Style? o: ~ Special...

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created 09/17/2018 5:47 pm by KawaiiCornz
last reply 09/18/2018 6:46 pm
So, many of you have seen my latest skin, if not, I did use some new and complicated shading! It took a bit longer to figure out, but I think it looks great for my first time trying! That’s not the point, though.

You guys decide for the rest of my skins, shall I keep my old shading, keep on working on my new shading, or switch between both of them? I chose both shhhh

It is all up to you! I will leave this poll running for a very long 14 days, or 2 weeks, and we will see what happens!

Of you’re going, “wut, I’m new.... idk who you even are... and I just clicked on a random forum cuz I was bored,” then... I understand. You could go check on my last couple skins if you are in that case, and possibly subscribe :3

Thank you everyone! And don’t forget to vote for the option you think is best, not the one someone else likes!

Poll ended 10/01/2018 5:47 pm.

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Level 35 : Artisan Narwhal

4 replies

09/18/2018 6:17 pm
Level 44 Master Lad
Personally, I like keeping multiple shading styles in my head so I can switch to a different one if I get bored of my usual one. Most of mine have stupidly suttle differences, but they still add a little variety for me since I get hella bored and unmotivated most of the time I'm making a skin, lmao
I say you keep both of them; use the new one you've just made as a main one so you can practice it better and eventually make another new one that you deem better than this one, and then still have the old one around in case a need arises for it like I mentioned above.

Idk if that made any sense, but I hope that helped somewhat!
09/18/2018 6:46 pm
Level 35 Artisan Narwhal
Naw, thanks for actually taking time to write all of that because it was super usefull! Thanks, I might do that, but the other way around possibly xD I will still work on my new style a lot, thank you!
09/17/2018 6:24 pm
Level 21 Expert Skinner
I think you should keep working on the new style if you wanna keep it, but the old one was nice too. :)
09/17/2018 7:23 pm
Level 35 Artisan Bunny
I like both of them, maybe you can switch styles for every other skin??
Or do like 10 skins new style and 10 skins old style and alternate like that??




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