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created 02/29/2012 2:35 pm by Pinkie_Pie12570
last reply 02/29/2012 2:42 pm
I went on yesterday so I saw I was banned from forums, So i waited till i was unbanned from forums to see what happened. I thought someone hacked me but when I checked my Inbox Or my Forum Inbox their was no warnings. I wondered why that was so I went to look for anything but I found none. I thought that was strange because i barely troll ((TBH I actually have a bit of troll spice in all my post's though)), And I thought a Admin/ Mod was abusing his powers. The ban message was:

Nonstop Trolling and disregarding all warnings
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Level 41 : Master Warrior

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3 replies

02/29/2012 2:42 pm
Level 41 : Master Warrior
Just PMed Cyprezz about it.
02/29/2012 2:38 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Goblin
Since we are not moderators we would have no idea what happened that caused you to get banned. I would recommend PM'ing a Forum Moderator directly.
02/29/2012 2:37 pm
Level 23 : Expert Network
Hmm, the Mods are mostly fair, but I have had an experience of a mod abusing power. PMing Cyprezz was the best thing to do, best just to wait it out now.

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