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What Ad links to use for my datapack submissions that people here don't consider "problematic"

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nathan2221 started 03/26/2020 1:21 pm
The main reason I'm asking this is, like many of you worldwide, COVID 19, which some of the medical community have dubbed SARS 2, has or is about to have an economic impact on my life. My grandpa works in food distribution, and due to lockdowns closing restaurants is now working part-time as of next Monday, and I'm worried how that's going to affect us. So I'm thinking of using Ad links, of course, I'll provide a direct alternative, to help support my family, but there's often been a lot of backlash on those who use adfly before getting access to a submission, hence, the problematic in quotations in the title.

And that comes to my question of: is there an ad link that PMC allows that people don't consider problematic?
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