What is the best version of Minecraft?

XBigFatPotatoX1/8/22 5:34 pm
2/2/2022 6:09 am
What is the best version of Minecraft in your opinion?
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02/02/2022 6:09 am
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Alpha 1.1.1
02/02/2022 4:42 am
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I have 3 favourite versions of the game…
1.17 because of all the cool new things we got and the new mobs. Axolotls are super cute! And goats… goats are… hilarious? they literally jump 6 feet in the air every now and then.
1.14 because of all the new variants of villages and villagers in that matter. Another few reasons I like this update is because:
A) Villagers finally have a reason and a story behind to why they hate pillagers.
B) Pillagers finally have a reason and a story behind to why they hate villagers.
C) Villages and villagers, in my opinion, were super plain and useless to begin with, but now they are (still annoying) but also they look like their jobs. Awesome!
1.13 because I think some of us remember the time before the oceans were as beautiful and full as life as they are now. The player couldn’t even swim properly. They just looked like they were walking underwater. Beforehand the oceans didn’t have many reasons to be there. And how could you fish fish if there weren’t any fish in the big big ocean?? (Try saying that fast 10 times).
These are my favourite updates so far but my 4th favourite might be 1.19! Adorable little frogs and tadpoles! Killer wardens. Ahhh! And all the amazing new underground ruined cities, and the new wood type and the new mud bricks… so much to look forward to.
(I like 1.18’s amazing surroundings and the world height difference. The lush caves are just beautiful!… and next door to caves with thousands of mobs, trying to kill the player. NOOOO!)
01/10/2022 2:17 pmhistory
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I'd say that 1.17 was pretty good, but there are certainly some cavots to that... pre-1.9 combat mechanics/tool&weapon functionality are better, beta 1.7 terrain is pretty cool, pre-1.14 villagers are way better functionally, etc...

1.18 is pretty much useless for me.. its terrain is alright, but it was a pretty content deprived update (and I hate the fact that we got more biome specific tracks).
01/08/2022 7:12 pm
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I'd say 1.8.9.
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