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whats better a simple house or a complex house

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created 06/01/2019 4:11 am by fluffydemon
last reply 06/02/2019 12:40 am
whats better a simple house or a complex house

simple: is like made out of 5 mats from 3by3 to 6by6

Poll ended 06/04/2019 4:11 am.

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3 replies

06/02/2019 12:40 amhistory
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As appropriate to the situation…

Also both simple and complex can easiliy mean different things:

Simple can describe a few rooms (eg a Cape Cod or Saltbox) or a simple layout with many floors and rooms (many typical 'glass-box' office and apartment buildings where each floor is a copy of the others).
It can also refer to a lack of decoration or (in MC) to the absence of RS devices.

For MC purposes, complex can also mean a house that encompasses several functions (eg enchanting room, anvil room, fishing hole, auto-cooker/smelter, portal room, storage system with sorter, and various manual- and auto-farms).
[For an extreme IRL example of this see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_on_the_Rock ]
06/01/2019 10:55 am
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Im gonna say complex because this is a complex answer ;)
06/01/2019 9:44 am
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It's kind of difficult to choose.
I think it depends on the style you're going for. A typical american residential house (as an example) is supposed to look a bit simple instead of extremly complex, while something like a hyper-modern skyscraper is deftly best as a more complex build than simplified :p

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