Whats the meaning of Life?

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Greetings All,

Sorry I was absent last week and there was no psychological question been busy (that and i needed a break from the internet). Anyway on to this weeks question. Lately I've been thinking about what the point of our existence is. According to some like the Joker life is just a big monstrous gag and completely pointless. Others do either through some sort of religious belief or a secular one. So I ask you is there a meaning to our existence or is the Joker right and everything that anyone ever struggled or died for just a big monstrous gag, and if there is a meaning what is it that gives your life meaning. So without further adu have at it.

IMPORTANT (I DO NOT want this to become a religious free for all. This is meant to be a psychological/philosophical discussion I do not want people coming on this thread and having religious arguments. If your answer is related to your religion please feel free to state it however I ask that you follow these two rules
1) do not say what your religion is or mention relgious figures
2) do not proselytize your beliefs keep it to yourself and respect other peoples perspectives.
anyone caught doing so will have there post reported.
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