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Words We Often Misuse Nowadays.

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created 10/15/2018 7:20 pm by SimplyRabbit
last reply 10/16/2018 12:41 pm

Honestly. I see it too much. I just "cringe" everytime I hear people use these words. Like "literally!"

Okay okay.. Back on track I guess. Here's a list.

EXAMPLE = "I recently watched a Sans fangirl cringe comp. It was so cringey.

OPINION = It's sure fun to say "cringe" or "cringey," but how is it cringey if you don't cringe? Cringe means to quickly move back in fear. Nobody ACTUALLY does that. It's only a drawing.. I mean... no can really be THAT scared of-

(haha no)

EXAMPLE = "I saw that Minecraft project on PMC the other day. It was so beautiful and wow-ing I could LITERALLY DIE!!"

OPINION = Yeah. This literally makes me want to die.

EXAMPLE = So basically, in skins that have OC after the title of a skin, is one of "those."

OPINION = Honestly, I'm not a big fan of it. An OC is an original character, and when I look at those OCs, I'm given NOTHING about it. No dynamics, no backstory, no design thought, no NOTHING. Not even edge!

EXAMPLE = Again, like the OC one, you can find after the title of a skin, it will say "Persona" or something along those lines.

OPINION = Just like the OC, I find NO DETAIL WHATSOEVER. A persona is supposed to be a part of who you are, like an emotion. However, with these skins that say they are a persona, they just say NOTHING about it. How am I supposed to think it's a persona, when there's no "person" in it? Persona has "person" for a reason, ya know!

BONUS - Like:
EXAMPLE = Ohhhhh boy. We all know this one. I know it isn't exactly one of those you'd fine on PMC, but I thought it would be fun to add. Ahh.. Remember the days when people would talk, all they'd say is "like, like, like and like?"
"Like so, like I think it like be like pretty good to like add to your profile."

OPINION = WOW. Again, wow. "Like, wow that's like, so funny LOL." Anyways, yeah, not a big fan of it. It's annoying and it always distracts someone when they're trying to finish what they're saying. It's just a huge replacement word so that person can find what they're trying to say. How do we get stuck with these instincts....?

Added ones

8-Year old (Or any other ?-year olds.)
EXAMPLE = "Wow.. you sound like an 8-year old", or, "Smh.. So immature.. 8-year olds these days..."

OPINION = Honestly, I do have to agree with Darth Theoden on this one. Not all 8-year olds are bad. There's so many child prodigies in this world, and when everyone says, "you are an 8-year old," it basically translates to "you are an idiot" or something along those lines.

Tell me in the comments if you feel like more should be added to the list!
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3 replies

10/16/2018 12:13 pm
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Darth Spookoden
The term "8 year old" is misused as well.

I mean, not ALL 8-year-olds are immature.
10/16/2018 12:39 pm
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Bigot - "You're such a Bigot because you don't respect me"
Oh boy have I gotten this one thrown at me a few times for wearing military clothes on the street and showing support for Swedish soldiers.

I might be in the wrong here so please correct me: I mostly see this word being used by people who say they don't judge others, but the moment you turn up the in the wrong clothes then you'll get this word thrown after you. Aka. The word is mis-used by hypocrites who say one thing and then go directly against what they just said. Sweden can be a weird place sometimes.
10/16/2018 12:41 pm
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Darth Spookoden
True that, Ive visited there many times when I used to live in Norway




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