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Darky started 04/16/2012 11:03 pm
Formelet replied 04/17/2012 5:26 am
Honestly, there are way too many of these 'Hunger Games' competitions after the very renowned and popular movie, 'The Hunger Games', I find these way too repetitive and used way too much. So what are your thoughts? I'm pretty much just fine with it, it's not a big deal for me, what is it for you?
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04/17/2012 5:26 am
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Hey! Um.. I dont want to advertise, but a person called Menphis and I are starting up a multiverse server, with plans like PvP worlds, Survival worlds, Grief worlds and then a fun world, where you can play hunger games, spleef etc.. It is currently being build and is not up for puplic yet, but is there any one of you, who actually have seen the movie, and knows what its about? Cause since The Hunger Games are so popular lately, we wanted to give that option to our new players, when launching. The name of the server are "Spectrum" which is a describtion of the many plugins, but also a selected amount of worlds, which is an amzing idea in my opinion

Anyway.. I would like ONE person, who knows the Hunger Games very well, who could set it up for us later today (or more, depends on how long it takes) and if anyone knows of a plugin, that could allow us to use it without whitelist..


This is not advertisement!
04/17/2012 4:25 am
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It's not just Hunger Games there is an increasing amount of ElementCraft servers and honestly I hate pvp and I'm looking for a good survival non- pvp server.

Anyway just my opinion!
04/17/2012 4:10 am
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If you are going to make a server then definetley dont make it whitelist
as several people have said it just causes a chain, i know some amazing non
whitelist hunger games servers where you can just play over and over again(which i enjoy)
people just want to play and not have to wait months

I would love another non whitelist hunger games server
BTW i think you should stick to most of the orginal rules because otherwise its makes it less fun
04/17/2012 4:14 am
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Woud u share those servers with me ? x) i am desperately looking for some good ones =P
04/17/2012 4:06 am
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The Hunger games are great! The only thing wrong with the server is that there is too much planing and whitelisting, while it could be done so easily. Because every server needs like a registering for whitelist, it takes so long until u can actually play. Then, some ppl, who are tired of waiting to be whitelisted, make their own server, AGAIN with a fuckin whitelist, and the chain goes on. But the idea of a hunger games server is awesome, but no1 is capable of making a good one =/
04/17/2012 4:04 am
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I didn't understand why the movie was so great (The book instead, was pretty good actually).

The servers are just too many and I feel like people are just trying to make a trend out of it.As annoying as it sounds, people won't stop because now it's getting pretty much like Let's Plays (as MothGirl pointed out) or like Spleef.It's just too repetitive.That's probably an overall look on it.

04/17/2012 3:28 am
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Nyaruko Yasaka
Too many. I don't see why the Hunger Games are popular - It's about 24 children killing each other... nothing too special.
04/17/2012 3:25 am
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04/16/2012 11:24 pm
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I hate the ones where they say the cant even make the server its dumb.
04/16/2012 11:21 pm
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I dont think the problem is that there are too many, I think the problem is just the same as Halo combined with blockland.

All new players that came to teh blockland forum, loved halo, and wanted to make a halo weapon for the game. They were all rushed, and terribly done, so people started hating halo, because they associated it with the crappy add-ons people made based on them.

The problem with this, is 100's of people brand new to server-making, promise an awesome experience and a really cool hunger games battle, only to find out they cant make a server worth shit and the forum ends up getting buried like all the others with a bunch of hung heads.

I am making a serious, legitimate hunger games server with a new arena and new battle every week. If you want to check it out, and look at an experienced owner with a veteran staff working to actually make a real-deal, successful HG server, let me know. I hope I proved my point here
04/16/2012 11:10 pm
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I really want to host one of these, they are great but some people just have no idea what they are doing
04/16/2012 11:08 pm
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The only problem I see is the lack of contests. After the glory of the movie wears off, people won't want to wait in line for weeks to play a single game.
04/16/2012 11:07 pm
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It seems like every minute there is another spelling wreck like this: "Hunger game serve ned ppl!" and "Hunger games server aply know!" It has come very close to topping the number of "Let's play team needed!" threads.
04/16/2012 11:21 pm
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Yeah, 'Let's play' sort of threads usually top the ranking of the most commonly used topics along with Youtube channel topics.
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