Would a build that unleashes the maximum speed in Minecraft Dungeons kill everything in one-second

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Lordslash2007 started 11/25/21 3:02 pm history
Ok so say you have Fighters Bindings (Currently the fastest weapon in the game) Hungry Horror armour (Best armour for gaining attack speed since it gives a 25% more attack speed bonus plus plenty of other buffs) Deathcap Mushroom artifact (Provides a 100% more attack speed) and the enchantments you have on your armour are maxed Frenzied, maxed Frenzied, and yet another maxed Frenzied. (When maxed Frenzied provides a +30% attack speed bonus) (Having multiple of the same enchantment stacks it and yes this is possible) and the enchantments on the weapon are: Rampaging Rampaging, and yet another, Rampaging enchantment. (Rampaging provides a 10% attack speed bonus) So the total amount of attack speed bonus I would have if all of these enchantments were activated would be 245%.
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