Economy system for Realms (Command Blocks)

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by romowodajo » 6/19/2017

Hello there,

for my Minecraft realm, im seeking a way to create an economy using commandblocks.
now i have already sorted out most of what needs to be done. here is how it works:

- i will use a scoreboard with the objective money.
- players can use certain shops, which will use command blocks to first decrease their score (their 'money'), and then give them the item they bought. and vice versa, they can also sell stuff.

now here is the tricky bit. i want to have coins on the server. they can be picked up at a sort of 'atm' machine, that will decrease the players score, and give them an equal amount of cash in return.

for this i intend to use colored firework stars. so for instance, the red stars will be 10$, the blue ones will be 20$ etc.

now here is the problem. how do i use command blocks to give the player pre-named, custom colored fireworkstars?

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