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by dollada06 » 7/12/2011

They aren't saying its ONLY for GLBT people they are just saying its one FOR them. Thay way if the subject of homosexual sex or lifestyle comes up in chat you can't freak out. This isn't a problem I dont know why some people make it out to be one. If you have a problem with gay people just dont join--problem solved.
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by Cyprezz » 7/12/2011

Hmm, I don't see anything to be moderated here besides the fact that I should say what I just said. It's not saying you have to be gay to join. I understand it might be upsetting if your not gay and maybe it's a really cool server.

There are gay bars in the world. If you are not gay, you are free to move along. There are plenty of bars and Minecraft servers to choose from.
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