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by SuperPykkon » 4/21/2017

Hello everyone!
Today I am publishing my very first GoLang project, GoMinewrap.
Basically, it completely changes the way console logs are displayed, adding icons, highlighting errors, warnings, player join/leave, running commands and much more.

It also comes with a real time web based console which also does the same things as the main console.
So server Co Owners or Developers can easily access the console.


    Completely changes the way the console logs are displayed.

    Multi server support. You can add and run as many servers as you want.

    Real time web based console with authentication which has multi user support.

    A fully functional backup command. You can backup a single or all server (s) with one simple command.

    Very customizable. You can change almost everything to your likings on the config file

    ... And much more!

You can download from here: https://github.com/SuperPykkon/GoMinewrap

I hope you liked my project ;D
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