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by zsx47 » 1/22/2011


This is a topic for all Hamachi server owners to share their Hamachi servers. So anyone who has Hamachi can connect and so you can always find an active server to get on.

What is Hamachi?
You can play online Minecraft with LAN support. Hamachi createsa virtual LAN across the Internet.

How to use Hamachi:
- Download and install Hamachi.
- Connect to the corresponding Hamachi network (ID) of the server you want to join.
- Connect to it by typing the given IP in the connect field of Minecraft once connected through Hamachi.

Here's the template for posting your Hamachi server here:
Code: Select all

Here's my server/example:
ID: zman net
PW: none
my server IP:

Moderator's Note: Only post 1 listing in this thread. If you post your server more than once in this thread, we will delete all of your listings in here. If you change your plugins, update the original post. If you get a different ID, update the original post. If you get a different IP, update the original post. If you have a question for the owner or the server is down, send a PM with the little button under the name of the poster's name. Do not post in this thread if you can't connect or anything else. No discussion is allowed in this thread, it is only for listing Hamachi connection information and the info about the server that it points to.
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by AbelMck » 3/4/2011

Go joins us! Roleplay on Construction! Join and wait of Construction of City! MINI RP!
Network Name : minecrafterserv
Pass : 123

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by uniz123 » 3/5/2011

Hey guys i made a new server WITH HAMACHI!
Username: luniz123server

Server status : ONLINE

-Co-owner: OPEN
-Admins: whytrykid 4SLOTS OPEN

-No greifing
-no random holes in the ground
-No swearing/abusing Admin's
-respect every1

-Random chests with stacks of diamonds in random places
-With starter pack!!!
-Coming soon
-Rand chests with diamond armor in them underground
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by MrVee » 3/12/2011

survival server

hamachi- minecraft survival 2011
pw - 123
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by slayer11205 » 3/21/2011

I hav a server with hamachi but it is not always on but you can do whatever you want.

hamachi- SLAYER
pass- minecraft

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by zipsi » 3/21/2011

Hosting a nice friendly minecraft hamachi server on:
Server: Zipsi-Public
EDIT: Added additional public servers in case primary one is full.
Server: Zipsi-Public#2
Server: Zipsi-Public#3
EDIT: Added even some more..
Server: Zipsi-Public#4
Server: Zipsi-Public#5

EDIT: Using hamachi servers at the moment for chat purposes only
Server IP can be obtained by joining the network.

There is no password, I will have to manually approve joiners :)

Do whatever u want.. build your own building in my started city.. which is still quite empty. Build your house near the city, far away from it.. underground.. I will soon build a train terminal which will allow fast transportation between all locations.

Server uses runecraft, minecart mania, wormhole extreme and more.

Just a few already familiar rules... NO GRIEFING, no swearing( many people, even I have big diffuclty of keeping this rule sometimes xD), no random holes(in case if you broke something, please fix it to the way it used to be :). City area is rigged with a subway network... what I really hate is someone jumping out from a moving train and getting stuck in the tunnels and then beg for "please tp me to spawn, im stuck!", the trains have STATIONS, they will stop on their own for a brief of 5 seconds in each station.. I will tell you to use "/kill" command.. cause me and other admins try to use their powers only in absolute desperation.

Also.. I'm thinking about dumping hamachi at all.. simply direct connection might be a less lagful solution for many..
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by Mudkipzzz » 3/22/2011







IP:5.127. 93.225:25565
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by Coryland » 3/26/2011

Hey guys I just started a mincraft server with Hamachi

Hamachi ID: Coryland
password: 123

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by envymods » 3/28/2011

my server
username envymods
pass oliver
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by xpcool1 » 3/28/2011

My hamachi server is
username Sharko12
Pass 123
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by Dima2012 » 3/28/2011

Open 24/7

ID: ForAnyOnePw123

PW: 123

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by ben1122a » 3/30/2011

open most of the time. big city setup. many plugins with bukkit
7 spots for now. may make more.
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