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by Coldfire202 » 8/2/2013

Current Version: 2.0

**Downloads at bottom of post**

**Any bugs, report them here!**


You can now launch the game directly from the HaxCraft Launcher! No need for Minecraft.exe anymore!

Tell me any ideas for 3.0! I will try to get the best one's in there!

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions!

Remember to support me!

Best way is subbing me on YouTube

How To Use HaxCraft Launcher

About HaxCraft

Basically this program is for the little ones who do not understand how to go to the AppData folder and replace minecraft.jar. This program does it for them. No need to rename files or anything. It does it all for you. Just select you .jar file and there you go!

Okay okay, don't be hating on me cause it sucks; but here it is. I'm still working on a couple things inside.

I got inspired to make this when my friend's little brother could not figure out for the life of him how to put client mods in Minecraft. So, over my free time in the summer I came up with the HaxCraft Launcher.
Don't ask about the name or anything. I can't remember where I came up with it. Anyway. Here are the virus scans first of all.

Screen shots



Virus Scans




Standalone Version [2.0] : Here

Standalone Version [1.0] : Here
Install Version [1.0] : Here

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History Log:

  Version 2.0
      - Launch game from the program option is now available
      - Added "Current Version" to main screen
      - Added splash screen
      - Added images to main screen
      - New option (History Log) in top menu
      - Removed closing screen when using close option
      - GUI/Bug fixes
      - Removed the annoying text on main screen from v1.0

  Version 1.0
      - Release of beta version of HCLauncher
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