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by Pixelfish123 » 7/16/2017

Why does this not work!
/xp -200l @p[lm=200]

Also, How do i make something where it only executes the setblock command i have if the player has 200 levels?
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by xXka3lXx » 7/16/2017

/testfor @a[l=200,lm=200]
this works for your second question tell me if it doesn't
for your first question it only works with @a for some reason
i hope this helped you
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by Cadermate » 7/16/2017

your command doesn't work because you have to capitalize the L in -200l.

to answer your second question, just do execute @a[lm=200] ~ ~ ~ (setblock command here.)

Hope this helps!
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