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[BEDROCK V1.14.30 XBOX ONE] Help, no jungles

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MALYSTRYXX started 03/22/2020 3:08 pm
ToxicSocks replied 03/26/2020 4:47 am
So I was watching dallasmed65 on youtube and decide to make a world using his seed, which I think his seed is from 2014.

The seed: 1404988407

Xbox one bedrock version 1.14.30

Now the issue I'm having is I cant find a jungle biome anywhere so that I can get some bamboo for scaffolding and I am 100% survival so creative is out of the question.

I made a copy and flew ALL over the map, there are no jungles, in fact it's almost as if there are only 5 or 6 of the same type of biomes.

I'm wondering what's going on? Is it because the seed is from 2014, despite being in version 1.14.30? Why are there no jungles? Chunk base doesnt work, and /locate temple just takes me to swamp huts which seems to be one of the only biomes. Even if I teleport out to 30k 70 30k or 40k 70 40k or 50k 70 50k it's just a swamp hut.

I'm having a serious problem and I'm wondering if anyone who is good and mcedit or anything or some sort of program can run a test on my seed and version and tell me if there are jungle biomes. I have the world set to infinite.

Is it possible that there are ZERO jungle biomes?

Doesnt even seem to mooshroom biomes or anything.

And before anyone suggests fishing, or trading, you only catch bamboo when fishing in a jungle, which there are none, and traders do not trade bamboo.

It's as if I'm locked out of content and I'm like feeling pretty defeated as I've already put 60+ hours into this survival before realizing it's a flop seed?
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03/26/2020 4:47 am
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No, there are plenty jungle biomes, but they're just a bit rarer than they used to be. The problem you're having is one of two things, sadly with no way to resolve them:
1: Wrong edition:
There's a chance that the youtuber you watched had java edition, not bedrock edition, which you have. And the bedrock edition has different seeds.
2: Outdated video:
2014 was long ago in the history of minecraft, and it has updated a LOT sice then, so seeds will have changed quite a lot.

If you want to play a nice seed with a jungle biome in bedrock, here's one:
Hope this helped! :D
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