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Downloading Texture Packs on Xbox One console.

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created 08/25/2019 9:33 pm by Bananabread1122
last reply 09/10/2019 3:24 am
Hello! I've recently tried downloading a texture pack for my xbox one console using the file downloader and UFO.Transfer apps. I created a resource pack and put the texture pack folder into it. But it still won't work. I was wondering if some one could walk me through it or simply give me another way to implement it entirely.

The textures I've attempted to put in : Pink Daze, and Princess pvp.

I used this method:

I think the problem is that my resource pack isn't registering properly.
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3 replies

09/10/2019 3:24 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Network
Minecraft Xbox one edition is really messy when trying to add texture packs, I highly recommend adding a texture pack through realms on to a specific world due to how easy it is, try to use a different texture pack through that process, and if it works then the texture pack you're trying to work with most likely isn't working for some reason.
09/07/2019 6:37 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Hello I see you have an easy fix to this all you have to do is change the file extension in file downloader to .zip
After that follow this tutorial that worked for me if your one doesn't work
08/26/2019 10:57 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Artist
Better option is to use .mcpack file that is designed to work with Minecraft Bedrock Edition and automatically installs the Resource Pack, just change the extension of the pack from .zip to .mcpack and open the file.

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