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How do I make this grass block's dirt color into the actual dirt block's colors?

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created 09/21/2019 1:52 pm by AspireAlbert history
last reply 09/21/2019 4:21 pm
So I wanted to make a texture pack and I started working with grass textures. However I went ingame to see if everything was working and I quickly noticed that the dirt block and the grass block are not the same color. I want to make them the exact same dirt colors and not the current grass block's colors. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Here's a link on Flickr for a screenshot of the 2 blocks together.
The Grass Block and the Dirt
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09/21/2019 4:21 pm
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Bedrock Edition textures works different in some aspects, open your grass_side texture in any graphic editing program supporting transparency and layers, select dirt and excract it to another layer and change opacity of the dirt layer to 1 - it should look like this(I'm using PaintDotNet here):

Save the file as grass_side.tga and remove png version from your resourcepack - it should work now

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