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Is there a way to apply for a skin pack you made to be an official MCBE skin pack?

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created 08/22/2019 12:31 am by Networte
last reply 08/22/2019 1:36 pm
I've always been passionate about my art but I'm in a bit of a rough spot with money and I want to try to help my parents out a bit. I've been looking into ways to commission my art and skins for profit specifically to start paying for my own things because I legally can't get a job yet. I've searched far and wide and now I'm here. So here is my question and a few follow up questions.

Is it possible to make a skin pack for MCBE and apply for it to be an official one?

If I were to do so, would I be able to make profit from my art?

Who could I maybe talk to about something like this?

Is there a specific set of rules you have to follow to apply to make a skin pack (ex. Is there a minimum or maximum amount of skins that can be in a skin pack, what is considered appropriate by Mojang, etc.)?

It's okay if you don't know the answer to these questions. I just can't find any source that gives a straight answer or where to do something like this.
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4 replies

08/22/2019 2:36 amhistory
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To publish a skin pack on the Minecraft Marketplace, there are two routes you can go.

The first (and easiest) is to create a skin pack for a Marketplace team who will publish it for you and you will get a portion of the revenue generated. You may run into a few obstacles being a minor, but it is possible if you can get your parent's consent. Since you don't really have an established portfolio, you may need to reach out to Marketplace teams and ask about joining them or making a single pack for them. You will have better chances being accepted if you establish a portfolio of quality skins. The Minecraft Marketplace does have guidelines on what skins are acceptable, mainly that they have to be child-friendly. If you choose to join a Marketplace team, they will explain to you what is and isn't acceptable.

The second way may not be possible for you since you mentioned you are not old enough to get a job. This requires applying to Minecraft Partner Program, which requires you to own a registered company. Additionally, the wait times on applications can be incredibly long.

Another way to make money from skins is to offer commissions. There are many people who are looking to have a custom skin made for them. It doesn't look like you have many skins published yet, so it may be difficult to get offers now. It would help you out a lot to start creating new skins so people can see what you're capable of. The best way to find potential customers now would be to look for open requests that mention payment. Some places where these requests can be found are:

1. The workshop section of the forums
2. The skinning section of the forums (Technically not the right place but people use it for requests anyway)
3. The skins section on the Minecraft Forum
4. The r/minecraftskins community on Reddit

Fiverr is another way to offer your skinning services. I personally don't have any experience with it, but DinowCookie has a Fiverr skin shop and may be able to answer some of your questions about it.

Hope this helps! I do a lot of skin commissions myself so I can help you out with any other questions you might have.
08/22/2019 3:42 amhistory
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Nighthearted mentioned me about Fiverr. It's an easy-to-use platform for Minecraft skins, but it does take a very high amount of fees. 😅 However, just your presence there works as a nice portfolio & to let people know your availability and pricing.

I would like to add (me being a non-moderator so make sure to check for yourself) that Planet Minecraft per their rules section 3.1 forbid making business deals, commercial advertisement, offering paid services or listing prices. You are only allowed to mention on your profile that you are available. Make sure to use Discord, e-mail or another platform to get in touch with any potential Marketplace employer. 🙂
08/22/2019 7:07 am
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...Another possibility is to win official competitions to gain attention...But is the hardest way! I wish you good luck for make your way...
08/22/2019 1:36 pm
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..and i,great noob,i forgot to give you a emerald... (c;

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