Villagers will link to a Job site block but wont accept the profession.

SmallGamer221/17/22 9:38 am
1/17/2022 9:46 am
Pretty much the title. They were standard brown coats when I put them in my trading hall. I put down the block and there was green particles, but they wouldn't change. Even after many in-game days of leaving it. Tried closing and opening MC. Tried breaking the block and putting it back down.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Is this just a bug from the new version or is there still something I am not getting?

Any suggestions will be helpful
Thank You.
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First: Version

Make Sure your version is at current version and not early version, or switch to Java

Second: Restart

Restart your world, let the system reset the villager, and it will turn to the normal.

Third: Villager

If villager were just kid, they wont accept the jobs, even you waited for 1 year.

Fourth: Bug

It might be a bug that Mojang didn't fixed, you need to ask Mojang or the person better than me.
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