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BSL Shader Options

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created 08/24/2019 5:38 pm by PoochieMoo history
last reply 08/24/2019 6:53 pm
Hello! I just downloaded BSL Shaders and run it through optifine, but when I run the game, everything is super heavily shaded and it kills my fps. What options can I use to make it just a light shade? I don't want a lot of shadows and stuff, just a subtle shade. I want it to look like this picture:
Thanks in advance.
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1 reply

08/24/2019 6:53 pm
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open the shader settings in optifine, hit the download more button or what ever it is, pick the one thats closes to what you want

keep in mind shaders do kill fps even on the best systems nowdays just due to how it works

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