Can't connect to a friend's server

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Ethonodon started 7/17/21 1:35 pm
icephantom replied 7/17/2021 5:19 pm
Trying to connect to a friend's modded server and I get this message: io.netty.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information:

I've ruled out it being my firewall, I have all my mods installed correctly, I don't use a VPN, idk what else to try.
Any help is appreciated.
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07/17/2021 5:19 pm
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The problem may not be at your end ........ it is more likely at the server end.
If your friend has a second computer in their house, ask them to try and connect to the server from that seperate computer. If they can, then the server firewall and settings are correct, which then leaves their router as being the blocker, where possible port forwarding rules are set incorrectly.
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