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Confused as to the different editions of Minecraft, and the Far Lands

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DreamBliss started 04/14/2018 4:34 pm
PoeticRainbow replied 04/15/2018 2:34 pm
OK, so I am taking notes from the book, "The Big Book of Minecraft." In it they talk about someone named Kurtjmac, who has apparently been traveling an area called the Far Lands.

Now this "Far Lands" area of Minecraft was apparently removed in Minecraft 1.8, then put back in the Bedrock Edition? For those who don't know what the heck I am talking about, the Far Lands are the very edge of the Minecraft world, around 12,550,821 from your spawn point.

My question is what the heck version of Minecraft do I have? I am running it on Windows, it is the version I purchased from the Minecraft site, 1.12.2. Is it the Java version? Is it the Bedrock Edition? Is it both? What exactly is the latest 1.12.2 Windows build of Minecraft?

I figure I can easily figure out of the Far Lands are in it simply by trying to teleport to 12,000,000 80 12,000,000 or something like that. But I want to better understand what edition of Minecraft are you getting when you purchase 1.12.2. also can I access 1.7 if, for some reason, I wanted to?

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3 replies

04/15/2018 2:34 pm
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You have Minecraft: Java Edition! When you buy Minecraft: Java Edition, you gain access to all versions of Java Edition (it's the oldest version, since 2009)!
04/15/2018 4:15 am
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It's actually pretty easy to see.
Try opening the game and on the menu screen read the title, and the text underneath the title. It will either say "Java Edition" (The version which was made for PC / MAC Only, and the version which is unable to play together with Bedrock, PS3, PS4, Xbox, and Pocket Edition) - Take note that Java Edition is still the most popular and the one you can find directly from

If you open your minecraft and the title reads: Minecraft Windows 10 Edition then it's the Bedrock Edition that you have. This version however can (as far as I know) only be bought from the Windows Store - This version of minecraft however will be able to play together with PS3, PS4, Xbox, and Pocket Edition.

And if you have the Java Edition then Yes! You can indeed change your version from 1.12.2 to any version you want. Simply open your launcher and then follow these steps:

1. Open the Launcher

2. Go to the section called "Start-Options" (This can be found furthest to the right underneath the Minecraft logo)
3. Click on "Add New"
4. Select Version.
5. Go back to the "News" section
6. Choose the new profile, and start the game. It will then download the version you asked for at there you go! 1.7 for you.
04/14/2018 5:09 pm
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I've never been to the Far Lands (as far as I know), but I think the Java edition is what you have (sold directly from Mojang: ) and the Bedrock edition is for a group of gaming platforms, .

I believe--I can with my Mac anyway--you can choose any edition of Minecraft with your launcher when you set up a new profile.
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