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Drop Percentages in The /summon command not working

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created 05/19/2019 10:19 pm by BlooBehry history
last reply 05/21/2019 2:12 am
I was using a command to summon a "Boss" for a dungeon i was making. using https://mcstacker.net/ 's custom summon generator (1.14) it produced this command
The command

Upon using this, it produced a zombie that dropped the button i wanted it to(The item with 2.0 drop chance), but not a single one of the other items. I tried about 10 times with no avail. Keep in mind that each item had a 0.3F chance of dropping. I messed around with the armor drop chances and found they only dropped with a value of 1.0 or higher. Is there any specific reason for this? I am on 1.14.1 and on a realm not owned by myself. Everything else about the zombie is as i wanted it(Health etc) and the items drop when on a high enough value so they are not bugged or incorrectly written, I think
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3 replies

05/20/2019 2:01 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Modder
For ArmorDropChances:[2.0F,0.30F,0.30F,0.30F]
Im pretty sure 2.0F isn't a thing. Do you think a 200% drop chance will work?
05/20/2019 8:26 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
The item with the 2.0F drop chance still dropped, but I will see if changing that value will affect the rest of the command
Edit: in the mcstacker generator the value was listed as "100% chance undamaged", and changing the value did nothing
05/21/2019 2:12 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Modder
I didnt understand the full thing, my bad. It seems that your command is actually correct, but just in case, try to make it ,0.3F,0.3F,0.3F.

If that doesn't work it's either the armor itself or you were unlucky.
If you were unlucky, just spam spawn and kill.

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