How do I do random mob textures for optifine resource packs?

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CarmenRider started 11/24/21 1:16 am
Karaoke replied 11/29/2021 11:58 am
I'm trying to do random mobs for a resource pack, I've looked up tutorials but they're all outdated. What do I do?
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So in vanilla minecraft you can edit block models and blockstates to achieve randomized textures for blocks only. For mobs, like you stated, you need optifine. (Maybe someday MC will let you do randoms for mobs too /sigh/ )

Make sure randomized mobs is turned on in your optifine settings.

Next, create a folder set to this path in your texture pack assets > minecraft > optifine > random > entity > (What ever mob you're changing, for this I will say zombie)

Create your textures and name them zombie2.png, zombie3.png etc etc. Make sure they are in the CORRECT FOLDER, that being in random/entity not where you'd normally put them for a regular texture pack.

Then, you make a properties file called zombie.properties. In this file you will instruct the game to read your variations. File structure should look like so ( I haven't done optifine settings in a while, let me know if this works or not)

Random Entity Properties File Structure:
#Cold (<- this means nothing, it's just to help you know what variant goes where, if you dont want this you can delete it)

skins.1=2-4 (<- this is for your textures, 2-4 being zombie2.png, zombie3.png, and zombie4.png. You can always add more or less, just change the numbers accordingly)

weights.1= 1 1 1 (<- this is how often the variant will spawn, if you have 3 skins, they will be split on %33 percent change for each skin. Play around with these numbers in game until you are satisfied. If you want the skins to be truly random you can delete this option.)

biomes.1=nether, taiga (<- this is for biomes you want these to spawn in, if you dont want this setting you can delete it.

///there's also this way of doing file structure if you're going simple, each skins.(number) is a line for zombie(number).png in the folder///

biomes.2=snowy_tundra snowy_taiga snowy_taiga_hills snowy_taiga_mountains snowy_mountains ice_spikes mountains wooded_mountains gravelly_mountains modified_gravelly_mountains mountain_edge

biomes.3=desert desert_hills desert_lakes

biomes.4=jungle jungle_edge jungle_hills modified_jungle modified_jungle_edge bamboo_jungle bamboo_jungle_hills

biomes.5=swamp swamp_hills

biomes.6=savanna savanna_plateau shattered_savanna shattered_savanna_plateau

biomes.7=taiga taiga_hills taiga_mountains giant_spruce_taiga_hills giant_tree_taiga giant_spruce_taiga giant_tree_taiga_hills

This optifine documentation will help you more in case the above file structure doesn't work as planned.It also lists different settings like spawn height, biomes, time of day, weather, etc etc

When in doubt, download some packs that have randomized textures already and look through their file structure. Some will do it differently, but as long as it works it doesn't matter how you do it.
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