How do I upload a build to Planet Minecraft?

JustAnotherName6/11/21 7:04 am
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6/11/2021 8:25 am
I've built something I'm quite proud of, and I wanna share it, but I have no idea how to upload my build...
I would appreciate some help.

And another thing, that build of mine is in a flat world which I created for build designs, so I've got many different builds in that world, but I wanna share/upload only one specific build to Planet Minecraft.
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06/11/2021 8:25 am
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Assuming you're playing on Java edition on Windows:

The entire world
- Click edit on a world and then "Open World Folder"
- Next to the "previous" and "next" arrows in Explorer, click the " Up" arrow to go to the containing folder.
- Right click the folder with the name of your world save, send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder.
- Upload the created .zip file to PMC.

The user would then:
- Download the zip
- Extract the zip file
- Place it in their saves folder.

Only 1 build
If you only want to upload a certain build, you can look into Structure Blocks (watch a tutorial). They are limited to 48x48x48 and not very user friendly though.
- Place a structure block near the build.
- Switch to Save mode, adjust the numbers to match your build and hit save
- Go back to the single player menu, click edit, open world folder and navigate to generated/minecraft/structures. Upload the file to PMC and add instructions for the users.

The user would:
- Download the file into .minecraft/saves/<world>/generated/minecraft/structures
- Load up the game and place a structure block.
- Switch to Load mode, enter the name and then press load.
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