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How Do I Use My New Shaders Without Trouble

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created 10/25/2019 5:27 pm by KittyMan2056
last reply 10/25/2019 9:35 pm
I just got some voyager shaders but they won't work can I have advice on getting them to work. insert_emoticon
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6 replies

10/25/2019 8:01 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Modder
Optifine is required to use shaders. Only download it from its official site, found here. Click on the "mirror" download links if you don't want to deal with adfly. As far as your problem goes, could you please clarify what "they won't work" means? Can you not turn them on? Can you enable them but they aren't loading correctly?
10/25/2019 7:59 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Cupcake
on the optifine version make sure you click the mirror link itll directly link you to the download then click the thing inbetween the ads

i have adblocker so i cant see the ads

then itll save as a jar file then click save then you could right click and run jave se binary or just double click

then after thats all done look around on your loadout and it should be automatically loaded and installed then click esc once ingame and go to options and youll see shaders in there lol
10/25/2019 5:52 pm
Level 43 : Master Strawberry
Make sure you have Optifine installed correctly first. If you don’t have it installed already, I’d suggest looking up on YouTube for how to download it for the version of Minecraft you want to use shaders on.

If everything seems fine, just make sure you’ve got everything in the right folder and unzipped.

If everything still seems fine, I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’m not too knowledgeable on the technical stuff when it comes to shaders and optifine.
10/25/2019 7:28 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
I tried installing optifine, but all that happened was I got moved over to some weird site that had nothing to do with the thing.
10/25/2019 9:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Download this, install it and start minecraft with the 'Optifine 1.14.4' profile selected. Allocate more RAM if you wish, but depending on your setup it shouldn't really make that much of a difference. OP Setup: Yes allocate more RAM if you want over 100 fps. Average Setup: Leave it be. After launching minecraft with the Optifine profile, you should see a folder in %appdata% > .minecraft called 'shaderpacks'. Download your shader and drop it's .zip file in that folder. You won't need to restart minecraft, just go to options > video settings > shaders and then click the name of the zip file you dropped in the 'shaderpacks' folder. It should appear in the shaders option tab. If it's not appearing, check if your shader is the right format (.zip), or if it's double zipped or corrupt.
10/25/2019 7:33 pm
Level 43 : Master Strawberry
Ah, that’s why then. Unless there is an alternate thing you can download that I don’t know about, Optifine is required to run shaders.

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