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I cannot download any packs due to the file hosts chosen by their authors

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created 06/16/2019 12:49 am by TheUnknown history
I see a texture pack, I click download but then i go to a website to report it as a virus, I have Comodo and I tried disabling it and my firewall and it still didn't work
I can't find anywhere to download any texture packs besides here and all of them are on adfly
Why can't they upload it on sites like Mediafire?
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05/25/2019 7:09 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
adfly is a buffer between the links here and the file itself, it is the only way users on our site are able to generate a little bit of revenue from their work, last time i checked it was bout $2 per 1000 clicks

to skip the adfly ads, you have to ignore everything, dont touch or click anything apart from the "skip ad" button in the top right, sometimes this opens popups, which because your number one priority to close, sometimes they have malicious scripts in them tot ry and stop you from closing them, then you want ti try and kill the page with your task manager/chrome task manager if you have chrome

adlfy is not supposed to have malicious adverts (popups, "click enable to continue" etc) and you are supposed to report them, however even if you do adfly don't care as hardly anyone wants to advertise on it's services

we all understand your issue really, there have been lots of discussions about using it on the site, however currently it is the only way that content creators on the site can get a little bit of money for their work

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