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User3526754D started 04/03/2021 4:25 pm
MayoCheese5262 replied 04/06/2021 9:10 pm

I've got short question. I bought Minecraft JE In Feb 2021. Now i want to upgrade from 1.16.201 to newest version. As I did not have Minecraft Luncher i downloaded it and logged via my Microsoft Account. As my player's name was recogniezed i thought that all went ok. However after downloading newest version i got info that i need to buy that game again. After loging into Minecraft.net same situation happens: player name is recognized but it seems that my Minecraft version that i bought has disappeard... Anyone knows what is going on?

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04/06/2021 9:10 pm
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So, 1.16.201 is not available for Java. The version you mention is only on Bedrock edition.
04/05/2021 12:53 am
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So 1.16.201 is bedrock not java. If you have this version you are not running java. Java versions for 1.16 went 1.16. 1.16.1 .... 1.16.5

This would mean that you would need to purchase java if you want to play it. Once you have purchased it you can download the launcher and log in. If you do want java be careful when you choose minecraft for computer that you dont then choose Win10. Win10 minecraft is bedrock.

If you have already purchased java and you did it recently ( 2021) you will need to use your email address and details not your user name to log in. Its only old mojang account that log in via username

Hope that helps
04/03/2021 8:49 pm
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Judging from the version you listed, you didnt buy Java Edition, you bought Bedrock Edition.
Java doesnt have the 3 numbers after the main version.
e.g. Java: 1.16.5
Bedrock: 1.16.201

Bedrock versions
Java versions
04/03/2021 7:55 pm
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Are you sure you bought Java? I'm not exactly sure if there is a version 1.16.201.
04/05/2021 12:55 am
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Yup you're right - thats a bedrock version for sure
04/03/2021 4:33 pmhistory
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Are you sure you bought the java edition and not the bedrock edition? Did you succesfully use the launcher before? Because if you played the game without launcher before, it's likely that you are bought bedrock edition.

After logging in at minecraft.net, visit https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition to see if you bought the game (in which case you should see a Download instead of Buy button). Also make sure you recognize the profile name on https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/profile
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