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Minecraft Won't Run Shaders. Help!

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created 06/18/2019 12:33 pm by BarrackObama
last reply 06/18/2019 10:30 pm
So I've got a pretty good pc (8gb Ram, GTX 1070 with 8gb Vram, Ryzen 3 1200) which can run pretty much every game I have a high or ultra settings. Ironically enough, Minecraft is the only game that gives it trouble. I've tried multiple different shader packs such as SEUS, Kuda, Triliton, but I can never get above 12 fps. I've tried just about everything online, updated windows, java, graphics drives, but nothing seems to work. The game only runs at about 150 fps normally, so it would be nice if someone could help me with this issue. Thanks!
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3 replies

06/18/2019 2:54 pm
Level 20 : Expert Skinner
Yeesh, that's a steep drop. Here's a few questions, have you set the launch options to use more ram and the updated java?

And, this may seem like a stupid question, but are you sure you're using your GTX 1070? A lot of PCs also have an integrated intel video chip, and I've seen it before where someone had just plugged their monitor into the wrong socket. It's an honest mistake.
06/18/2019 10:30 pmhistory
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Thank you so much! I changed the java directory and now it runs over 100 fps! Thanks again!
06/18/2019 2:48 pm
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There is on this site a shader pack called youtuber' Dream shaders which runs on optifine i didn't test it out but it could get rid of your low fps problem

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