New Launcher... And a total mess!

Saracalia2/8/15 3:56 am
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2/8/2015 9:21 pm
I usually don't have any problems with it comes to launching any Minecraft version and MC Forge, but now, I am starting to see that the game is getting worse when it comes to launchers. Last night, I updated my Minecraft launcher, the one that is supposed to "not use Java" as it was so delicately put, and then ran Minecraft with 1.7.10 Forge/Liteloader installed, had no problems. Then I thought I might jump down to 1.6.4 with Forge, to play with some other mods, and... Nothing loaded.

Ok, so then I thought there might be something wrong with just that version, so I reinstalled Minecraft, reinstalled version 1.6.4 and use the "Latest Forge" compatible with 1.6.4, and still got the same problem. I even tested it for 1.7.2 and got the same problem. But any version about 1.7.10 with forge installed, Minecraft works.

Can anyone explain this to me?
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02/08/2015 9:21 pm
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Yeah, I have a Portal Gun map that is in 1.6.4 and I can't get into 1.6.4 Forge... I dunno how to fix this either...
02/08/2015 6:25 am
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I seem to have that same problem on my laptop but not my pc, Im not too sure what causes it. Which version of java are you running?(Could easily be the problem)

Also does it work when you switch back to the old launcher?
02/08/2015 9:17 pm
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I did switch back to old launcher! And running JRE 7u71
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