Old Map called "Trial of the Old Ones"

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CrispyCrusader started 02/22/2021 12:56 pm
icephantom replied 02/24/2021 3:12 am
Hey y'all,
I've been going on quite a nostalgia trip lately, and I've been looking into playing the 3 chapters of Trial of the Old Ones (these maps were made back in 2011). I found chapters 1 and 3 on planetminecraft, but the download page on minecraftforums has been labeled forbidden. I sent a message to the original creator, but his account hasn't been seen for more than 8 years so I don't expect a response from him. This is also a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if anyone somehow happened to have Chapter 2 of the map stored away somewhere, or if they have another download link that I somehow missed?

Any help you can provide is appreciated!
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For those interested in playing all 3 parts,
Part 1 was made for minecraft beta 1.2
Part 2 was made for minecraft beta 1.3
Part 3 was made for minecraft beta 1.5
When asked to read a note, at this time in minecraft history, paper was not readable, so when you find a chest with a piece of paper inside, with a sign next to it asking you to 'read the note', the 'notes' refer to a series of text files which are included in the map zip file, and you are asked to refer to them at the appropriate time.

Chapter 2 of the map was called : Into the Shadow of Destruction
Made for Minecraft beta 1.3

Here was the review of the map :
Review: IceVille is burning, the Underworld is collapsing. You make your way to the surface and find out thing have changed since the last time you were there. It has been a year since the Old Ones abducted you from IceVille and put your through series of challenges. Creature called the Shadow is crawling through the desert, always one step ahead of you. He is the one the Old Ones were preparing you to face. But are you prepared or is it too late?

....... and the download link :


For anyone else wanting all 3 parts -
Part 1 was called : Rise of the Champion
Made for Minecraft ver. beta 1.2
You wake up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by sand. There are many pyramids around you, each holding a different secret. Your objective is to find your way back to IceVille. However, creatures calling themselves the Old Ones, have put many challenges in your way. The desert holds many secrets, one of which is a place called the underworld. Will you find your way back to IceVille and how long will you survive?

Download link Part 1:

Original Thread post : https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/adv-series---trial-of-the-old-ones---rise-of-the-champion-840923/

Part 3 was called : The Heart Of Darkness
Made for Minecraft ver. beta 1.5
Review:It’s all in your hands now. The Shadow has taken over the city of Rel and it’s only a step away from getting the Heart of Tes. He knows you are coming for him and will do everything in his power to stop you. The Old Ones have put their trust in you. If you fail doom awaits us all.

Download link Part 3:

Original Thread post : https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/adv-series---trial-of-the-old-ones---the-heart-of-darkness/
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Dude, I was honestly not expecting anyone to be able to answer this fast, much less with working download links. Thank you so much, you have honestly made my week! If I may ask, how were you able to find the chapter 2 map? Because I could've sworn I looked everywhere for it
02/23/2021 10:16 pm
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I have been around Minecraft since the beginning of beta.
As you have already found out yourself, after you've played vanilla minecraft for a while, if you are someone like me, who wanted more, you turned to modding. If you wanted even more, you looked at those producing maps of all kinds for other users to play. If a map or a mod was of interest to me, I would save the .html page from my browser so that I wouldn't forget it (I wasn't one for bookmarking much back then, and plus - modem internet links of 48k - 64k max ? .... better to have a hard copy).
Your map title rang a bell and I checked my archives to find it.

I didn't know about the planetminecraft links, the page I had was from the old Minecraft Forums site and contained all 3 chapters on a single page - along with the download links - which thankfully still work, as I never got around to downloading it back in the day. It is also why I knew which minecraft version to use for each map, although that wouldn't have been too difficult to work out.

I have no idea why only 2 chapters were published on this site and not all 3, and since, as you have stated, the user hasn't been on-line for several years, its unlikely that we'll ever find that out. Since my preferrred old version to play such maps is in beta 1.7.3, I've converted all 3 to work in that version, and I will be having a go at them now you've reminded me of them in that version. Others will prefer to play them in the original versions. Anyway, have fun with them, that's what the user made them for. There aren't that many minecraft players left that are still playing after all this time, but the game always seems to come up with something to keep you coming back ............

There may be no lingering question in your mind, but some who read this might wonder why I would prefer to update maps from an early version before I play them. Well, for those who don't know, have a look at the downloaded files in the first chapter for minecraft b1.2. The format is very different to the later 2 chapters. Older maps in this format, when you played them, used to thrash your hard drive to death creating so much disk activity it could end up after lengthy play damaging your hard drive ( I stress - this is in my opinion ). Later map formats reduced the amount of disk activity and so ( in my view ) were safer to play without wearing out your hard drive. Beta 1.7.3 was the turning point after which the game changed its direction somewhat, so that's why I like to play old maps in this version.
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Interestingly, the same map maker made another adventure map called 'The Shadows of Mars'

This was originally made to work in b1.4_01. It required a specially made texture pack, which was a x32, meaning that you needed the jar file to be MCPatched for it to work - otherwise the whole surface of the planet looks like still water instead of the texture it needs to be.


Map download :


The map was meant to be played with the mo creatures mod installed to make things a little harder. I don't think the person in the youtube video had that installed.
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