People looking to purchase Minecraft java - something to be aware of

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jjaaxxthelegend started 04/05/2021 1:15 am history
Dj_Denon replied 04/09/2021 3:49 pm
I just thought Id put this out there as I am getting so many questions on both my youtube and discord as well as seeing this issue on many forums from people who have not realised that they havent bought the minecraft version they wanted

When you go to purchase minecraft and you want the java edition you need to only buy the java version and not Win10. Win10 version is bedrock

If seems that people assume that as they have chosen that they will run the game on a computer that the two options must be java. Although Win10 version runs on a pc its not java and its really not clearly marked when you go to purchase

BTW Java version will run on a win10 system

If you have or do inadvertantly purchase the wrong version microsoft state that they will refund your purchase so you can buy the right version. ( I assume they would expect you to not wait to long to contact them)

If you arent sure what platform you are running - check the version number. If its a single decimal place number like 1.16.5 its java but if its a multiple like 1.16.201 then its bedrock

Hope that helps anyone who is about to purchase or who has just bought the game and isnt sure
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04/09/2021 3:49 pm
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Link to Java edition on the Minecraft Website.
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