Trying to add worlds for my daughter

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Greenette started 1/9/22 12:15 pm
baked luigi replied 1/27/2022 9:12 pm
My daughter has recently gotten into the game and im completely new to it.

Can i download and install multiple different maps or structures and put them all into one world? Any helps on setting up a fun world with lots of different buildings or structures is apprechiated!
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01/27/2022 9:12 pm
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baked luigi
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if you can find schematics, you can use stuff like worldedit to insert them into a world.
01/27/2022 8:33 pm
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I would look for a decent starter world with a bunch of things for her to play pre-built, multiverse import it and config server to load that world. Then you can work on your OP skills and build your own :)
01/21/2022 1:50 pm
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had a similar issue.
i started a local server, installed multiverse. so i can download and import different worlds very easy. made a few portals so they are able to play alone without help and can enjoy different worlds in creative, survival, adventure.
01/18/2022 5:41 pm
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unfortunately it would take a mod of some sorts to be able to do that. You can have individual worlds that have whatever singular structure or map you want, but not together.
01/16/2022 10:14 pm
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A possible solution is using the mod litematica , the way it works is your can copy a structure from a schematic, and rebuild it again.

If you want to save time you can just copy your structures you want to move into one world, go into creative, and have the mod rebuild the structure piece by piece. You can also use it in survival, you just need to gather the resources and it auto builds for you.

Best of luck
01/16/2022 11:23 am
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Papa Enny
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You cannot

but you could add single structures(not huge ones) with world edit, but you would need the schematic files
01/11/2022 12:40 am
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As others have said, combining worlds into one isn't really feasible, but there are thousands upon thousands of enormous maps which creators have already spent loads of time filling out with buildings, kingdoms, amusement parks, minigames, and countless other things. I would suggest looking on sites like Planet Minecraft, or even just googling good Minecraft maps. There are tons and tons of free ones, and if you want to get something really crazy, professional builders sell some next-level maps as well. It's hard to run out of options with the sheer volume of creations people have made!
01/09/2022 12:26 pmhistory
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You can't put multiple maps into one world, because maps are also worlds. Structures, though, as long as you get the structure file (.nbt), you can easily move it from one world to another.

If you wanna add some fun stuff to a world, I suggest trying out datapacks as well. They're things that can basically add new things in the game, like new items, functionality, or challenges. The datapack section's got all those stuff. Just don't choose OP Loot datapacks or other stupid "Minecraft, but.." datapacks, because they ruin the fun in basically everything and no one can tell me otherwise

Good luck epic parent :) I hope both of you will be able to enjoy the game, because I sure have
01/09/2022 12:19 pm
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Can i download and install multiple different maps or structures and put them all into one world? That one you cannot.
do you want me to make like an amusement park?
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