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Turtles bred, mother started digging, then did not lay eggs and will not take seagrass while the dad can. Help?

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created 09/16/2019 4:48 pm by BudsieTheDinodog
last reply 09/18/2019 11:20 pm
Ok so I'm really new to this turtle thing, and I heard from Grian that if you breed turtles that the new ones they lay will come back to the same area to lay eggs again...? So I tried inside my makeshift hill and I bred the turtles, the mom started digging but then didn't lay eggs and then tried to escape with the other one. the male still eats the seagrass but now the female won't. I changed locations from inside my extreme hill protected village to the edge of the ocean but still nothing. It's been way way longer than 5 minutes, I've been through like 5 day night cycles and still nothing. Should I be concerned?
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1 reply

09/18/2019 11:20 pm
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Turtle sounds bugged kill em and spawn in a new one if possible

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