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come join the server and be staff

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Azuron started 03/22/2020 4:25 pm
replied 03/27/2020 11:22 am
Hello Minecraft Community,

Welcome to my Minecraft Server, AZURON MINECRAFT

Currently, We are planning to do a survival server but that may change in the coming days. We are looking for staff members to help me with my server. We are in the midst of creating my server and planning it out. We are planning on custom gameplay and custom builds for our server.

Remember when applying, there is no age limit but on how mature you are! Please take your time when applying to make sure this is really something you want to commit to. We will first start off with a written portion then move onto an interview if accepted!

We’re looking for:
Admins: 1
Mods: 1-2
Helpers: 1-2
Builders: ∞

You can apply on our discord [style b=false i=false size=16px color=" var(--text-link)"][/style]

Thank you for taking your time to read and we hope you will apply!
~ Azuron Staff ~

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Level 1 : New Miner

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7 replies

03/27/2020 11:22 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Hi I'm interesting in applying.
1. Name: Max Caza
2. IGN: Shxdow_dragon (changing to iNyght in 3 days)
3. Age: 15, but often told I am mature for my age
4. Time zone: Central Daylight Time - GMT-5
5. Rank Applying: Mod
6. Hours: I can probably work for around 3-4 hours on weekdays, 5 hours on weekends as school is closed. If school reopens 1-2 hours on weekdays and 3-4 hours on weekends
7. I have very little knowledge of staffing, I was only staff once on one of my friends private servers for a few of our buddies. But I am 9. really interesting in serving a community.
8. I have never installed or used a hack client I do not see the point.
9. I have never been banned or warned in any way on a minecraft server I am 100% legitimate.
10. I think I am good at coming to conclusions or working through issues with a smaller group of people. I am also quite good at time management.
11. I would not say I am the best at managing large groups, but I am open to learning and developing new skills.
12. I would start by telling them to stop. If they do not, I would give them one more opportunity. If they still do not stop, I would temporarily mute them, as a warning not to punish them. If the mute wears off and they continue, I would either give them a longer mute, or go to a higher level of authority on the server depending on my rank.
13. If I saw someone hacking, I would follow them secretly to get as much evidence as possible, then go to a higher level of authority in the server with my evidence, and let them decide what to do with the hacker.
14. I would try to explain to them that what they are doing is not right, and that they should stop. If they do not listen I would go to someone of a higher rank than them to deal with the situation, and punish them accordingly.
15. I am really interesting in being staff, I really like the idea of having an opportunity to give back to a community and help them function kindly and efficiently.
16. Idk how to type emojis on a computer lol. :)
03/26/2020 5:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hi, my name is PTPali. First, sorry for my bad English. I'm from Hungary. I'm sixteen years old. I want to be builder. My time zone is GMT+1. I have experiences. Yes, I have used hacked client. I haven't been banned from any server. I'm pertinacious and quiet. 12: I will speak stop it, if not I use mute. 13: I call a player who has op. 14: I'd do screenshots. Thanks, PTPali.
03/26/2020 9:58 amhistory
Level 4 : Apprentice Modder
1. your123

Can i be a builder i want to do it for free
03/23/2020 11:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hunter you can't get free staff! You can apply here for builder if you are intrested

1: Name:
2: IGN:
3: Age:
4: Time Zone:
5: Rank Applying (all except admin):
6: Hours?
7: Do you have knowledge of staffing?
8: Have you ever used a hacked client?
9: Have you ever been banned/punished on a Minecraft server?
10: What are your strengths?
11: What are your weaknesses?
12: Scenario Questions: You see someone harassing another player what would you do?
13: What would you do if you saw someone hacking but you don't have the powers to ban?
14: You see a staff member who is higher in rank abusing their powers and they threaten you to not tell anyone because they would ban you, what would you do?
15: Anything else?
16: Thank you for applying! Please don't bother staff members to look at your application! We will review it within 24 hours! Thank you for your patience! (Put your favorite emoji as your answer to this "question")
03/22/2020 5:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I really want to play on sever I have no discord I am no noob I know red stone and how to build
03/22/2020 5:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
can I be staff plz
03/22/2020 4:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Very good treatment hope they get bigger.

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